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  1. Achieving Your Dreams Success with Unreasonable People Encouraging Support for Social Entrepreneurs; Aiding with Growth of Their Social Enterprises 2009
  2. A Guide to Revenue Diversification for Directors of Non-Profit Organizations 2003
  3. A Review of Leadership Theory and Practice 2006
  4. Being Responsible Approaches to Governance and Leadership in the Third Sector A Background Paper 2007
  5. Being Responsible: Third Sector Governance, Transparency and the Obligation of Leadership From the European and North American Perspectives (Pepin et al) 2009
  6. Bibliography of Key Social Enterprise Documents 2009
  7. Choices Have Consequences: Collaboration Strategic Issues, Process and Benefits Some Preliminary Thoughts Updated 2009
  8. Choices Have Consequences Collaboration Strategic Issues, Process and Benefits Some Preliminary Thoughts 2006
  9. Corporate Governance in the UK: Requirements and Best Practices 2004
  10. Cost Cutting/Margin Enhancement Whilst Generating Income 2009
  11. Data Is More Than Information, It Underpins Performance Management 2008
  12. Expressing CSR Through Social Enterprise Support and Capacity Building Some Initial Thoughts (Pepin et al) 2009
  13. Good Results Will Be Addictive High Engagement Giving/Venture Philanthropy: Future Trends 2005
  14. Growing Your Trading and Enterprise Profitability: Enhancing Your Financial and Social Return 2007
  15. Existing Venture Philanthropy Funds Characteristics: A Preliminary Overview 2008
  16. In-House Charity Based Venture Philanthropy Social Equity Fund (SEF) An Approach to High Engagement Giving Concept Development and Discussion Document 2004
  17. Key Organisations Supporting Social Enterprise in the UK and Potential Partners 2009
  18. Maximising Income Generation Quick Tips for non-profits to achieve sustainability through trading, earned income, social enterprise and commercial ventures 2007
  19. Mentoring A Process To Improve Non Profit Organizational Effectiveness
  20. Performance Management – Must Have or Nice to Have? Aperio-Group Insight’s Experience and Learnings Applying Tested Corporate Sector Data Management Approaches to the Third Sector 2008
  21. Privatisation of Public Services and The Role of Social Enterprises: An Overview 2010
  22. Responsibility, Trust and Accountability Integrating A Culture Of Business Some Preliminary Thoughts 2003
  23. Risk Management Holdings – A Structural Approach 2004
  24. Senior Management Teams Emotional Capacity Aids in Organisational Effectiveness 2002
  25. Sharing Without Merging 2005
  26. Enterprise Activity In The UK A Preliminary Overview 2005
  27. Social Enterprise Activity In the UK: A Preliminary Overview Updated 2009
  28. Social Enterprise Legal and Organisational Issues February 2006
  29. Social Enterprise/Trading: Legal and Organisational Issues Social revised 2007
  30. Social Sector Entrepreneurship and Innovation Booklet revised 2007
  31. Spinning Off: Creating a New For-Profit Spin-Off Effective Transitions, Lesson Learned 2004
  32. Succeeding With Social Enterprise – Quick Tips For Building Sustainable Non-Profit Organisations Through Earned Income Booklet 2004
  33. Success with Unreasonable People: Encouraging Support for Indonesian Social Entrepreneurs; Aiding with Growth of Their Social Enterprises 2009
  34. The Social Investment Market in the UK: An Initial Overview 2010
  35. Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs Become Venture Philanthropists Revised 2004
  36. Venture Philanthropy Funds 2008


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  1. A Guide To Building A Marketing Plan
  2. Board Responsibilities Enterprises
  3. Business Development: Partnership, Joint Venture or Acquisition Tips and Evaluation Process – A Summary
  4. Business Feasibility, Mini Business Plans And Business Planning Questions A Guideline
  5. Charity’s Board Role And Responsibilities As A Charity And An Enterprise Shareholder
  6. Creating Organisational Commitment For Enterprise Entrepreneurialism And Innovation
  7. Earned Income Risk Management: Organisational Readiness Assessment, Barriers, And Inhibitors
  8. Franchising Setting Up A Franchise Becoming A Franchisor Key Factors For Consideration
  9. Generic Mini Business Plan
  10. Management Services Organization An Approach To Establishing A Partnership In Shared Services
  11. Marketing And Sales
  12. Product Evaluation Criteria
  13. Strategic/Business Planning Template You Are Writing The Story Of Your Own Future; You Own It; You Are Responsible For Implementing It
  14. Review Of An Existing Enterprise
  15. Venture Philanthropists/Capitalists Business Case And Presentation

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