Strategic and Business Planning

Aperio uses strategic planning to help organisations create and implement forward-thinking entrepreneurial solutions that address their most important challenges and opportunities.

The major stages in Aperio’s strategic planning process include:

  • Context setting: To inform the planning team of the current, broad understanding of organisational context.
  • Defining the Strategic Framework: To clearly define and understand the organisation’s vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities.
  • Defining Goals: To define the goals that will need to be achieved in order to deliver on the organisation’s strategic priorities.
  • Ratification of the Strategic Framework and Governance Review: For the Board of Directors to formally ratify the organisation’s vision, mission, core values, strategic priorities and to identify the governance structure, principles and competencies that will be key in supporting the successful implementation of the new strategic plan.
  • Writing the Implementation Plan: To create a detailed business/operations plan for achieving the organisation’s strategic goals.
  • Implementation: To successfully achieve the strategic goals and objectives.

strategic planning process

How We Are Unique:

A number of factors separate Aperio from other strategic planning consultants:

  • We help our clients get in front of their presenting problems by five years. With a compelling vision of the future defined, we help our clients to clearly map out the steps necessary in order to confidently move forward.
  • We believe it’s our role to expertly lead our clients through the process, and it’s our clients’ role to be experts in their business and wholeheartedly engage in the process.
  • We focus on action: we believe that the real innovation is in the execution, not the plan.
  • Our process is highly interactive and inclusive. We believe it is important to ensure the active and authentic participation of the staff, board, and other stakeholders as appropriate to build the necessary consensus and ownership for the strategic plan.
  • We infuse the process with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation – constantly challenging our clients to identify ways in which to direct their resources towards the maximum social return on investment.

Aperio believes in mixing the practical with the strategic when undertaking client assignments, offering hands on support and mentoring as well as producing detailed, well researched consultancy reports, as appropriate.