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Aperio consulting helps third sector organisations establish and/or enhance their revenue strategy, including:

  • Strategic and Business Planning - Setting the Context and Preparing for Growth: This includes strategic planning, governance, business/operational planning, full financial planning, marketing (including social marketing planning) and sales, collaboration activities, campaigning and influencing, and support. A clear understanding of the organisational objectives informs our approach enabling us to ensure that the planning outcomes become real operational tools. We support an organisation helping them to achieve its vision; tied in with ways to measure mission impact and operational effectiveness and efficiency. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/strategicandbusinessplanning.html.)
  • Readiness Support: Aperio-Group provides a variety of services designed to enhance an organisation, creating and reinforcing an environment that stimulates innovation and social entrepreneurialism, through training and mentoring. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/otherservices.html.)
  • Enterprise Development: Our team has extensive experience in developing and/or growing social enterprise/trading/public sector contracting, improving the performance of trading operations, developing new markets, new sectors and new skills. Workshops, hands on development and additional resource are all provided. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/socialenterprisecharitytrading.html)
  • Strategic Fundraising: Aperio provides strategic fundraising by means of reviewing existing organisational approaches, opening up new markets to an organisation’s existing fundraising activities, and creating a customer relationship management approach; targeting and approaching trusts; major gifts revenue generation and high engagement giving/venture philanthropy; and corporate sponsorship. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/fundraising.html.)
  • Operational Support Consultancy/Organisational Development: Trained professionals in commercial development, sales, marketing, logistics, governance, retailing, process management and fundraising can provide temporary skills development or indeed an outsourced facility allowing management to concentrate on their core activities. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/otherservices.html.)
  • Collaboration/Partnership Working: Aperio-Group supports partnership building including collaboration, strategic partnerships/alliances, and coalition building activities, shared services and mergers. (To learn more, www.aperio-group.com/consultingandsupportservices/partnerships.html.)

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