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Aperio has been operating for over 14 years and has a range of established methodologies to support organisations, including public sector bodies, through their development activity.

Aperio can assist health related charities and social enterprises deal with the changes on policy and funding helping them achieve long term financial sustainability.

We are able to help Trusts and PCTs in a number of areas, helping them to address the challenges and opportunities that NHS programmes in general provide. Increased emphasis on local accountability, reporting, Health Centre/GP development and new sourcing requirements can all be supported within our range of services.

Services include:

  • Developing Strategic Alliances for commissioning projects and shared back offices
  • Developing Outsourcing/ Contracting processes including performance monitoring
  • Change Management Mentoring and Facilitation
  • Marketing and Fundraising Plans leading to generating and sustaining a balanced income stream
  • Business and Operational Planning
  • Identification of Effective Communication resources to stakeholders

Aperio believes in mixing the practical with the strategic, offering hands on support tailored to the clients existing skill sets and required outcomes.

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London Office

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