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Organisation A - Social enterprise development creating profits and raising profile and influence

  • Started with a staff session introducing the social enterprise concept (the need to set up enterprises, the purpose balancing social and financial returns, commercial and other criteria to evaluate enterprise ideas, organisational readiness, and a portfolio approach)

  • Board session introducing the social enterprise concept and begin the policy development process

  • Session for corporations re good mental health means good business – discussed this from the perspective of innovation and organisational growth to help market the social enterprise

  • Product development process creating EAP programme (added training, mediation, and other services over time) clients including corporate sector and public sector.

  • Change management working with SMT and other staff building social entrepreneurial understanding and capacity

  • Supported hiring of social enterprise manager

  • On-going advice including working with staff on marketing and sales plans; mentoring and working with SMT and CE on strategic and growth issues

  • Social enterprise health check every few years

  • Results:

    • Profitable - currently £1.8m turnover

    • The social enterprise activities are mission related, they are not designed to maximise profits. They provides positive cash flow to the charity, unrestricted funding and pay directly for a number of administrative services

    • The social enterprise raised the profile of the organisation

    • 110 contracts


Organisation B– Revenue generation organisational review and planning

  • Organisational review finding a number of issues related to full cost recovery, strategic direction, financial and other reporting
  • Facilitated a strategic planning session
  • Worked with SMT to develop an business/operations plan and budget
  • Revamped the financial systems
  • Worked with fund raising team to revamp their approaches, including adding cross marketing, upselling, a CRM programme, and a new reward system
  • Net result is an increase in revenues


Organisation C – Charity trading enterprise development and support

  • Started with preparing a business plan for a very entrepreneurial Chief Executive

  • Organisational readiness issues identified during the business planning process included a lack of a strategic context to support social enterprise development, the SMT not on side, and there were cultural issues to be addressed:

    • Facilitated a strategic planning process with the Board and key stakeholders to set the strategic context and supported the operational business planning process – both of which set the direction in support of social enterprise

    • Worked with the SMT to build a team approach and to achieve buy-in, creating an entrepreneurial ethos

    • Mentored different members of the SMT

  • Worked with the Board through a change process to support social enterprise implementation and staff as shareholders; this included managing the valuation process and the share sale process as well as mentoring the Board so it acted like a major shareholder
  • Created an holding company fully owned by the charity and two subsidiaries partially owned by the holding company

  • Worked with legal advisors to accomplish the above

  • Supported the development of the social enterprise including mentoring the social enterprise managing director, training/mentoring staff in marketing and sales

  • Acted as special/trusted advisor to the Board related to staff conflicts of interest

  • Mentoring and assisting with fund raising planning to enhance revenues

  • Both subsidiaries generating dividends for the charity


Organisation D – Unrestricted funds and social returns generated through enterprise

  • Helped to set up a social enterprise that was selling services to FSE 500 companies; when Aperio-Group was last involved had sales of approximately £2.5m, profits of approximately 20%, creating 80 jobs

  • Started with strategic planning to allow for development and growth of social enterprise

  • Social enterprise development support

  • Board development and capacity building support

  • Mentoring the social enterprise chief executive on an on-going basis

  • Supported process of chief executive moving from the charity to the social enterprise and hiring of new chief executive of the charity

  • Brokered a relationship between two charity trading arms to help compete with the private sector


Organisation E – Creating profits while achieving an organisation’s mission

  • Started with a discussion with chief executive and another senior manager to agree to a process

  • Reviewed the current social enterprise activity

  • Mentored the existing social enterprise director helping the director to become commercial, creating business plan and then a marketing plan – including how to present the business case to achieve internal investment

  • Mentored social enterprise director

  • Last year turnover £700k, profit £400k plus significant amount paid to charity for overheads


Organisation F - Entrepreneurial strategic planning leading to significant growth

Building on a strong and inclusive strategic planning process facilitated by Aperio, mentored a senior management team helping to develop business plans to achieve the organisation’s vision, creating a growth culture resulting in a growth of resources and staff from 1.5FTE to over 20 over a two year period


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