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Registered as approved by:

  • NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations)
  • EUConsult (European Association of Management Consultants).

We are a member of the UK Institute of Fundraising and its equivalent in North America, the EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association), ACEVO, Euclid, The Social Enterprise Coalition, and the Institute of Directors.

Aperio, established 14 years ago, is a management consulting firm that works exclusively with organisations (private and nonprofit) that have a social purpose. We help organisations take a business-like approach to generating and sustaining a balanced income stream. Our objective is to enable clients to recognise their most important challenges and opportunities then create and implement with them strategic solutions to address them.

While we strive to leverage the best practices of the corporate sector, we are sensitive to the unique needs of the social sector and the characteristics of mission-driven boards and management teams.

We tailor all assignments to the client’s specific requirements and budget. We frequently phase projects so that they can progress at a manageable pace as well as enabling the costs to be spread over a longer period.

Aperio believes in mixing the practical with the strategic when undertaking client assignments, offering hands on support and mentoring as well as producing detailed, well researched consultancy reports, as appropriate.

Broad Sector Experience

As consultants, Aperio has worked with organisations from most sectors within the Third Sector in the UK e.g. direct delivery including national and local service delivery, advocacy and influencing, research, funders, and infrastructure support; as well as with the public sector and the corporate sector.

Aperio consultants are specialists in:

  • Managing growth orientated entrepreneurial strategic and business planning
  • Creating and running social enterprises
  • Enhancing income and profitability from trading activity
  • Creating/managing a corporate sponsorship strategy
  • Fundraising from trusts and major donors

Aperio partners and consultants have presented at many sessions and conferences, including co-facilitating a conference on governance1 in Paris; co-facilitating a master class on fundraising for European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) members across Europe; and facilitating a number of master classes in the UK, North America, South East Asia, and South East Europe.

Aperio has worked internationally, for example:

  • Consulting, training and education activities/master classes in North America in all sectors, with third sector organisations of all sizes focusing on strategic and business planning, revenue generation through social enterprise, and supporting/facilitating collaborative activities among third sector organisations.
  • In partnership with Euclid and country specific partners, supporting through master classes capacity building and revenue diversification and facilitating conferences for civil society organisations, government and others in the South East Europe (Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo).
  • Working with the British Council and country specific partners, encouraging social entrepreneurs and NGOs in South East Asia (e.g. Indonesia and Thailand) running a series of social entrepreneur/social enterprise awareness raising events and conferences encouraging the corporate sector, business schools and others to get involved in supporting social enterprise development and growth; and presentation of master classes e.g. on how to grow a social enterprise, another on how to be a consultant to support social enterprises, presenting at conferences, media activities, and feasibility testing of developing social enterprise investment funds.

Aperio has worked with:

Over three hundred third sector organisations of all sizes and in rural and urban settings in the UK and internationally, some of these in conjunction with funders.

  • Many of the projects involved local authorities in partnership with third sector organisations
  • Community based organisations
  • Boards, senior management teams and key organisational stakeholders in a variety of settings including:
    • International organisations
    • Regional and national infrastructure support organisations
    • National third sector organisations
    • Health sector
    • Arts cultural organisations


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